Brexiteer tells James O'Brien that he is 'happy that Boris Johnson is lying'

Brexiteer tells James O'Brien that he is 'happy that Boris Johnson is lying'

As is often the case, James O'Brien has completely and utterly summed up the latest political malaise.

Speaking on his programme on LBC, in an impressive back-and-forth with a caller, he discussed Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue parliament for the longest time in decades, yet the caller to the show was more than happy with the fact that Boris was 'lying' about the situation.

Starting out to argue, the caller to O'Brien's show said:

The Remainer MPs have tried for three years to stop Brexit.

O'Brien then says:

But Boris Johnson has categorically said that's not why it's been done.

The caller chimed in:

I accept it's disingenuous.

Challenging the caller, O'Brien said:

It's not sustainable, those two positions. 

Either you're wrong, or he's lying, which one is it? 

Are you wrong, or his he lying? 

In response, the caller says:

This is what you do, you ask a question...

However, O'Brien pressed on with his critique:

I'm hanging.. Is he lying, or are you wrong?

Yep, the caller still isn't giving in:

You invite people to come on your show, to answer your questions. 

The referendum was decided that we have a majority. 

The question is why are remoaning MPs refusing to answer the question? 

O'Brien then says:

Because they think it will be disastrous. 

Rightly or wrongly that's the answer to your question. 

So now, you say, it's a matter of opinion, but that's their opinion. 

That is the answer to your question. 

Boris Johnson has categorically said that he hasn't prorogued parliament in order to frustrate those Remainer MPs that you just referred to. 

You are convinced that is exactly why he has done it. 

So, either he is lying, or you are wrong, which one is it? 

Ouch, the caller's backed into a corner:

Yes, he's lying.

O'Brien strikes again!

So, he's lying! You admit it!

No, go on, answer it now.

So the prime minister is lying to you and you are cheering!

Unsurprisingly the clip soon went viral and sparked a debate among social media users.

What have we learned? Never, ever, take on the O'Brien on his pet subject of Brexit. You don't have a chance.

You can watch the full clip in the video below.

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