Jeremy Corbyn is outperforming Theresa May in a new YouGov poll on who people think would be the best Prime Minister.

The poll, conducted for the The Times, found that 35 per cent on respondents thought the Labour leader would make the best Prime Minister, compared to Theresa May's 34 per cent.

These numbers show significant growth for the Labour leader.

When the same question was asked on the eve of the general election two weeks ago Mr Corbyn polled at 26 per cent compared to May's 32 per cent.

His supporters have reacted very well to the news, with a number of them sharing gifs of Corbyn.

Others are pointing out what an achievement it is for a Labour leader to be even with the Tories in the polls.

Others decided to share that they thought Corbyn was "an absolute boy".

People are generally just very, very, pleased.

Some Twitter users however, think it's more telling of May's weakness than Corbyn's strength.

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