The man who 'won the election' thinks Jeremy Corbyn could become Prime Minister

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John Curtice, the professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde and probably the most trusted name in political polling right now, says Jeremy Corbyn's prospects of winning the next election are pretty rosy at present.

Curtice's exit poll predicted a surprise hung parliament on the night of the election, and was out by just eight seats from the final result, predicting 314 seats for the Conservatives (real result was 318 seats) and 266 seats for Labour (262).

His consistency in accurate exit polling has granted him something of a legendary status in British politics.

Speaking on Tuesday at an event organised by the Social Market Foundation, Curtice said the "Conservative's central theme, leadership, failed" and if there was another election, the Prime Minister would "not [be] Theresa May".

He said that if the next general election arrived:

Off the back of the collapse of a Conservative government that will probably be relatively straightforward [a labour victory].

Curtice also said that:

Social class becomes less important... than we have seen in the whole of the post war period.

Age is now the principal demographic division between the Conservatives and Labour.

This has often been linked to the Brexit vote, given the parallel lines down which age groups voted in the election and the referendum.

A recent Survation poll carried out 17 June gave Corbyn's Labour a three point lead on the Conservatives.

The Queen's speech will take place Wednesday and will cover a two year period instead of one, due to the cancellation of the 2018 speech.

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