The new digital minister Jeremy Wright hasn't tweeted since 2015

Mimi Launder
Tuesday 10 July 2018 12:00
Picture:(Getty Images / Jack Taylor / Stringer)

Nothing symbolises the chaos of Theresa May's emergency government reshuffle like appointing a digital minister with barely any internet presence.

To be fair to Jeremy Wright, who replaces Matt Hancock as culture secretary, his new role also covers culture, media and sport too, so that's potentially three-quarters of his remit sorted.

This comes after Boris Johnson resigned as foreign secretary, triggering a sort of domino effect, but with white men, instead of white rectangles: Jeremy Hunt replaced Johnson, and Hancock stepped in for Jeremy Hunt as health secretary.

The announcements were made on Twitter, where new cabinet members were tagged by their Twitter handles. The only person not tagged? Our new digital man in town, Wright.

We can't think why they wouldn't want us to see what appears to be his account.

Picture: This 'Jeremy Wright' hasn't tweeted since 2015 (Picture:)

The unverified, out-of-date account has 263 followers, 45 accounts followed and five tweets - the latest from 2015, when Brexit was still an unlikely nightmare used to scare the kids.

The former attorney general seems a long way from Hancock, who fully embraced the digital side of his role, even creating an app and naming it after himself.

Wright does, to be fair, have a Facebook account

People who actually use Twitter quickly noticed the bereft state of what appears to be Wright's account.

The jokes begin in earnest.

Even the shadow minister for digital is here to show Wright what he's missing.

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