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An Evangelical leader is being criticised for derogatory comments he made about the poor in the name of Jesus.

Jerry Falwell Jr made comments about poverty that leave much to be desired for people on Twitter.

In an interview with the Washington Post, he defended his support for Donald Trump by claiming it’s a ‘distortion of the teachings of Jesus’ to say his teachings can be applied on a national level.

‘It’s such a distortion of the teachings of Jesus to say that what he taught us to do personally — to love our neighbors [sic] as ourselves, help the poor — can somehow be imputed on a nation,’ he said.

In the heavenly kingdom the responsibility is to treat others as you’d like to be treated.

In the earthly kingdom, the responsibility is to choose leaders who will do what’s best for your country.

‘Think about it,’ he continued. ‘Why have Americans been able to do more to help people in need around the world than any other country in history?’

It’s because of free enterprise, freedom, ingenuity, entrepreneurism and wealth. A poor person never gave anyone a job. A poor person never gave anybody charity, not of any real volume. It’s just common sense to me.

Um, no, said people on Twitter

Jesus Christ was also poor

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