Jill Biden just unveiled White House Christmas decorations - here’s how they compare to Melania Trump’s

Jill Biden just unveiled White House Christmas decorations - here’s how they compare to Melania Trump’s

Jill Biden has unveiled her highly anticipated 2021 White House Christmas decorations.

This is the first Christmas the First Lady has had at the White House - and after the previous four years of darker-themed decor exhibited by Melania Trump, many were excited to see how Dr. Biden’s matched up

Having famously been caught in a leaked audio recorded by her advisor and former BFF Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania said of her yearly Christmas duties: “I’m working … my a** off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

The First Lady has a responsibility to do it, indeed. We hope Jill Biden had more fun than Melania apparently had...

Compare the White House Christmas decorations of Jill Biden and Melania Trump below.

The Official White House Christmas tree

Jill Biden’s Official White House Christmas tree (Twitter/Jill Biden)

Melania Trump\u2019s 2020 White House Christmas treeMelania Trump’s 2020 White House Christmas tree(Twitter/ Melania Trump)

Both of the trees seem to be decorated to the brim but Jill Biden’s incorporated a lighter, more angelic feel to her decorations.

Gingerbread House

Jill Biden\u2019s 2021 gingerbread houseJill Biden’s 2021 gingerbread house(Twitter/@sarahmucha)

Melania Trump\u2019s 2020 gingerbread houseMelania Trump’s 2020 gingerbread house(Twitter/Melania Trump)

While Melania Trump’s gingerbread house was mostly a replica of the White House and its gardens’ Dr. Biden’s includes a much more intricate landscape. Jill Biden’s features buildings alongside the White House such as a hospital, gas station, a school, post office, and a grocery story—seemingly a nod to essential workers and first responders.

Christmas-themed decorations

<p>One of the White House fireplaces, with Jill Biden\u2019s Christmas decorations </p>Jill Biden 2021 Christmas Decorations(Twitter/ Jill Biden)

Melania Trump 2020 Christmas DecorationsMelania Trump 2020 Christmas Decorations(Twitter/Melania Trump)

Melania Trump typically kept her decorations simplistic, adorned by flowers instead of traditional Christmas-themed items. Biden, however, seems to revel in festive green and red ornaments, stockings, and more.


Jill Biden\u2019s 2021 Christmas wreathJill Biden’s 2021 Christmas wreath(Twitter/Jill Biden)

Melania Trump 2020 Christmas wreathMelania Trump 2020 Christmas wreath(Twitter/Melania Trump)

Melania Trump’s 2020 Christmas wreath featured an ode to her own campaign, Be Best, aimed towards “encouraging children to BE BEST in their individual paths,” according to a statement on Trump’s site.

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