JK Rowling made a perfect point about the Florida shooting survivor who threw up on live TV

Outpourings of support and celebration have flooded Twitter after Parkland shooting survivor Sam Fuentes vomited on stage at Saturday’s March for Our Lives in Washington.

Fuentes, who gave a rousing and urgent speech on the main stage, paused midway through speaking to throw up, following it by saying:

I just threw up on International Television, and it feels great!

While crowds cheered in support, Twitter has since been alight with people sharing the clip of Fuentes’s speech, under captions calling her brave, badass, and explaining how impassioned and remarkable these kids are that they vomit, and go on.

One such supporter was J.K. Rowling, whose Tweet laid out exactly what happened:

But the overall message of Fuentes’s speech was bigger than the strength of this young survivor.

She was calling for “compromise”, asking viewers all over the world, and those in attendance at the 800 March for our Lives rallies which happened all over the US, to “forget your sides and colours, let’s save one another.”

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