Right wingers are trying to claim Joe Biden soiled himself at D-Day ceremony

Right wingers are trying to claim Joe Biden soiled himself at D-Day ceremony
US President Biden calls for solidarity with Ukraine at D-Day anniversary in …
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There’s another Joe Biden conspiracy theory out there, with right wingers trying to claim that the president soiled himself during a recent public appearance.

Only, there is absolutely no evidence of this.

Biden was appearing at a ceremony to mark 80 years since the D-Day landings in France.

Footage was shared on social media on Thursday (June 6), which appeared to show Biden struggling to bend over and find his seat.

However, right wingers and conspiracy theorists quickly seized on the footage and tried to claim that Biden had soiled himself next to the likes of Emmanuel Macron, in front of a crowd of people gathered to pay their respects to veterans.

“Awkward,” wrote @RNCResearch, sharing the clip.

Soon enough, people like conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host Alex Jones were getting involved, writing "yes he did" after someone asked whether Biden defecated during the ceremony.

Jones’s comment amplified the unfounded conspiracy, but people were also quick to point out that there is no evidence to support it.

After all, right wing commentators have claimed that Biden had soiled himself publicly before, again without evidence.

Twitter/X user Ed Krassenstein was one of the people to hit back at the claims, posting footage of Biden sat down during the ceremony, saying: "What’s this garbage?

"There is literally a chair right behind Biden that he literally sat in a few seconds after you cut this clip."

It’s one of the stranger moments in the run up to the 2024 US election – but perhaps not quite as strange as the moment Donald Trump supporters started turning up to rallies wearing diapers.

It's all due to social media posts from key witness and former attorney Michael Cohen which were shown in court during Trump’s hush money trial earlier this year.

The posts from Cohen, which were posted in April, show him taunting Trump and calling him the nickname "Von S**itzInPantz" – which were in turn read out in court.

Since this bizarre turn of events, Trump’s supporters seem to have embraced the nickname in an unexpected way, turning up to rallies wearing diapers and shirts with the slogan “real men wear diapers” written upon them.

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