QAnon has a bizarre new theory about Joe Biden and cicadas

Kate Plummer
Friday 11 June 2021 09:02

US President Joe Biden wipes his neck after a cicada landed on him while boarding Air Force One

(AFP via Getty Images)

QAnon followers have cooked up brand new theory involving the US president and insects because, what else do they do?

Earlier this week a cicada landed on Joe Biden’s neck and he swatted it away so, naturally, the conspiracy theorists decided that it was a sign from the mysterious “Q”.

Posting on internet forums, QAnon cranks noted that cicadas – cricket-like bugs – emerge from underground after a 17-year childhood.

QAnon are obsessed with the number 17 because Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet. They are also obsessed with the concept of “underground” as they believe there is an “underground” network of paedophiles that a secret government insider – “Q” – who doesn’t exist, will one day expose with the help of former President Donald Trump.

In the meantime, they think “Q” is constantly leaking top-level secrets via information drops called “comms”.

A new post in QAnon Telegram chat titled ‘We The Media’, seen by Business Insider, reads: "JOE BIDEN BITTEN BY A CICADA - COMMS? Just so happens that Cicadas nymphs emerge after a 17-year childhood underground!!! What? CHILD? UNDERGROUND? 17?"

Those guys making a fuss about nothing.

They thought Ivanka Trump faked getting the coronavirus vaccine and circulated nonsense about the death of Prince Philip.

After being banned from Twitter, their reach has considerably narrowed but they are still persuading Americans that their ideas have value. They don’t.

But managing to shoehorn a “Q” related theory about Biden and an insect into the public discourse? At this point that’s just impressive.

We look forward to them telling us all why Biden REALLY scratched his head one time.