Republican Senator’s attempt to defend himself over Christmas brisket controversy backfires
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Republican Senator John Cornyn caught some heat over the festive period for his lackluster take on serving up barbecue brisket, a signature Texan dish. People took issue with everything from it’s perceived dryness to the cost of his appliance amounting to over ten times what he approved as acceptable Covid relief.

His attempt to defend himself on the matter hasn’t fared any better, getting ratio’d again the process. It seems to be a combination of genuine outrage from Texas natives on the quality of his meal, and ever-growing resentment at the Republican party’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

What at face value could be the defence of an innocent tweet about food is more pertinent to a lot of people, because context is important.

The jist from Twitter seems to be that while he was showing off his ‘embarrassing’ dinner, many across the US were spending the holiday season alone, or dividing less food across more people because of financial stretches.

Cornyn has labelled those concerned as ‘sensitive’, and supplied a recipe for the now infamous image in reaction to the backlash.

This only infuriated Americans further, imploring the man to ‘#DoYourJob’.

Yikes. With 18 years of political experience under his belt, he shouldn’t have to be told.

Missing the point even further, he seemed to get on board with further meme-ing himself as Russian media caught wind of the story.

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