It's a well-known fact that John McCain and president Trump had a long running dislike for one another, which resulted in the six-time senator saying that he didn't want Trump at his funeral.

McCain passed away on 25 August after a battle with brain cancer, and his funeral was held on Saturday, 1 September, in Washington DC.

The high-profile event was packed with friends, loved ones, and politicians, with guests and speakers including Barack and Michelle Obama, and president George W Bush and his wife Laura.

One person that wasn't invited, however, was president Donald Trump, who had been involved in a war of words with the senator.

Trump had often criticised McCain in the past, calling him a 'dummy' and saying that he 'was not a war hero'. In 2015, he said that he 'likes people who weren't captured'.

The internet was outraged to note, however, that for some reason Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were present in the crowd.

Some thought it was 'disgusting' that they showed up.

Some, that Kusher and Trump stand for everything that McCain was against.

And others noted that some of the eulogies were directed right at them.

There was also a lot of confusion about why they were even there.

While others noted that it looked like Ivanka was texting during the service.

Or perhaps playing Candy Crush...

Meanwhile, the president, who wasn't invited, at least stayed away from the service. While Washington mourned McCain, he played golf at his resort in Virginia, reports the New York Times.

HT The Daily Dot

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