The incredible moment a judge set a dog loose in court room to find its real owner

Big Ticket Entertainment / CBS

Almost everyone has a weak spot when it comes to dogs. Their loving and trusting natures naturally endear them to anyone, they're man's best friend for a reason. But what happens when two parties are convinced a dog belongs to them? How do you deprive one home of a loyal pet and disappoint a family?

In a dispute recently aired on the popular day-time television series Judge Judy, two groups were arguing just that; that they were the rightful owner of a little white dog.

One woman claims she bought the dog legally from someone selling him on the street. While on the other side of the aisle, the couple argue that they were the dog’s real owner prior to the sale. They also alleged that the dog had been taken without their knowledge.

To solve the situation, Judge Judy asked for the dog to be brought into the courtroom, and set down on the floor.

The pooch immediately runs over to the man, who lifts him up and has a very emotional reunion.

Case very much closed.

Here’s the clip:

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