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To put in bluntly Kaitlin Bennett, better known as 'gun girl' is probably one of the most despised white conservatives on the internet.

The second amendment advocate has pulled off several infamous stunts in her 24 years on Earth, such as graduating from Kent State University while carrying an assault rifle.

More recently she has become one of the many online conservative reporters in the US who do their absolute best to uphold bigotry and act outraged at otherwise decent and compassionate things such as trans rights.

Fortunately, many of these public stunts backfire on her, the most infamous of these moments occurring back in February when she was forced to flee Ohio University after thousands of students protested her visit.

With all this in mind you might not be surprised to learn that she is not a big supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. You only have to scroll for a few minutes through her 'Liberty Hangout' Twitter page to see her post things like this:

She was also keen to let people know that she isn't ashamed to be white, which is fine. Black Lives Matter isn't about making people feel ashamed of the colour of their skin, that would literally defeat the entire purpose of the movement.

Anyway, Bennett was so keen to let everyone know this that she put together a live stream on the issue for her website and created this snazzy graphic.

At first glance, this looks fine but we're sorry to say that Bennett's graphic design skills have let her down as they layout of her letters really doesn't make much sense as many were happy to point out to her.

Some compared it to this infamously bad sign from an anti-lockdown protest in London.

It looks like Bennett has at least acknowledged the mockery and responded with a comeback sharing a picture of Yoda from Star Wars and the words 'I'm not to be ashamed green.'

Still, don't be surprised to find this on the DDOI subreddit, a great resource for anyone who enjoys badly thought out signs.

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