'Gun girl' mocked and chased out of Ohio University by hundreds of students

'Gun girl' mocked and chased out of Ohio University by hundreds of students

Kaitlin Bennett is a young gun rights activist who has achieved infamy on social media for being known as 'gun girl' after posing with an assault rifle following her graduation from Kent State University.

She has since gone on to become something of a millennial right-wing figurehead and has even launched her own platform and video series called Liberty Hangout, where she asks people illogical questions about subjects she has little understanding of, such as trans rights.

On Monday, Bennett made an impromptu appearance at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio but her presence was not welcome, leading to raucous scenes on the campus.

In two videos shared by Bennett on Twitter, she claims that the students at the university started a riot and splashed her with water and called on Donald Trump to stop funding universities that 'harbor terrorists'.

According to report by Athens Postprotestors yelled at Bennett, stuck their middle fingers up at her and sprayed her with water, although some did hug her.

In a statement released by Ohio University Police, they said that although there was strong language and "allegations that some unknown person(s) in the crowd splashed with water", there was no riot, a statement that Bennett later accused them of lying about.

Videos of those in attendance show that Bennett was literally followed around the campus by hundreds of students who were happily mocking her with profanities and jokes about her bowel movements and wishing for her to leave the premises.

Talking to Athens News, Liam McSteen, who is a sophomore at the university accused Bennett of attention-seeking.

I kind of feel like she just came here to get this reaction. I think it’s just kind of attention-seeking behavior. I don’t know if she thinks she’s going to change anyone’s mind out here.

Bennett's videos have since appeared on several prominent conservative commentators Twitter accounts.

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