Keanu Reeves has revealed that he once dressed up as Dolly Parton from her Playboy shoot for Halloween.

The Canadian actor made the revelation during a discussion on Red Table Talk with his Matrix co-stars Carrie Ann Moss and Jada Pinkett Smith.

A fan question had come in asking what their favourite Halloween costumes were from growing up, and Reeves took the opportunity to answer.

Reeves explained: “My mother was a costume designer and she made some costumes for Dolly Parton and she once did the cover of Playboy.”

Tennessee singer Parton appeared on the Playboy magazine cover in October 1978. For the iconic shoot, she wore a black bustier, sequined sleeve cuffs and collar, a diamante bow tie and bunny ears.

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Reeves continued the story, explaining how his family ended up with the actual costume from the shoot and how he recreated the look for Halloween.

Reeves said: “And somehow I guess [Dolly] didn’t take that home and so we had it and it was Halloween so I put on the ears and the bustier.

“I wore sneakers with fishnet stockings and the bow tie. I had some pretty long hair and I was Dolly Parton’s Playboy bunny.”

In the same interview, Keanu was asked if he was the nicest guy in Hollywood and had a very bashful reaction.

Earlier this year, Parton recreated the famous look for her husband’s birthday, saying in a clip on Instagram, “He still thinks I’m a hot chick after 57 years”.

Come on Keanu, you know the drill – pics or it didn’t happen.

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