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The laws of karma were in full swing when a Kentucky teenager who sued his school for banning unvaccinated students after a chickenpox outbreak, got the chickenpox.

Jerome Kunkel, who attends Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Assumption Academy in northern Kentucky, sued the school after officials ordered unvaccinated students to stay away following a chickenpox outbreak in March.

The 18-year-old, who was unsuccessful in challenging the state ban in court, refused to get a vaccination because of his strict religious beliefs.

According to his lawyer, Kunkel showed symptoms of chickenpox last week and hopes to recover by the following week. Since this means he will now be immune to the disease, the teen, who hasn't attended schol since March 15, is hoping to get back to class as soon as possible.

Despite falling sick, Kunkel and his family don't seem to regret not vaccinating. The family attorney, Christopher Wiest said:

These are deeply held religious beliefs, they're sincerely held beliefs. From their perspective, they always recognized they were running the risk of getting it, and they were OK with it.

The ban was stupid. He could have contracted this in March and been back to school by now.

But health official clapped back, criticising the attorney for "downplaying the dangers of chickenpox". A spokewoman for the Northern Kentucky Health Department said:

Encouraging the spread of an acute infection disease in a community demonstrates a callous disregard for the health and safety of friends, family, neighbors and unsuspecting members of the general public.


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