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A member of Parliament in Kenya this week let off a fart so potent that a debate actually had to be suspended.

Proceedings at Homa Bay County Assemblycame to a shuddering halt for almost ten minutes as minsters attempted to fan away the rancid stench. The heat of the afternoon did not aid matters.

Homa Bay Town East’s Juma Awuor was on the floor, debating the lack of shades in markets, when he was interrupted by the presiding speaker Edwin Kakach in the most unlikely manner.

It appeared a group of politicians were engaged in a furious debate but MCA, Julius Gaya could take no more and offered an enigmatic statement.

Honourable speaker, one of us has polluted the air and I know who it is.

The accused, who will remain nameless, didn’t think to suggest he who smelt it dealt it but did offer this by way of a riposte:

I am not the one. I cannot do such a thing in front of my colleagues.

The speaker decided to deal with the matter in hand with alacrity.

Let the sergeant spray the air with fresheners to make it pleasant.

Get whatever flavour you will find in any office, whether it’s vanilla or strawberry.

We cannot continue sitting in an environment that smells bad.

BBC report that the smell subsided before any air fresheners arrived at the scene and the debate soon resumed.

This calls to mind a story from February 2018 where a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam was forced to land in Vienna after a man refused to stop passing wind, infuriating staff and passengers.

Still, no word on who the culprit was in Kenya, perhaps one for Sarah Koenig to investigate in the next season of Serial.

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