8-year-old girl empties piggy bank and donates to help Kerala flood victims in India

AFP and Twitter screengrab

An eight year old girl has won hearts after she donated her piggybank savings to the victims of the Kerala floods.

Anupriya has been saving money since she was four years old to buy a bike at a rate of five rupees a day (the equivalent of £0.056).

However, after seeing the heavy floods and people suffering in Kerala, India, she decided that rather than buying a bicycle, she would share her savings with them instead.

Little Anupriya told India Today: "I wanted to buy a bicycle for my birthday in October. I had been saving money since four years.

But I decided to donate my savings to Kerala people after I saw the floods on TV. I am happy to help the people. I can buy a cycle later.

Her savings amount to 8,246 rupees (£91.60). Her father added more to round it up to 9,000 (£100). Then, they donated the money to the chief minister’s Disaster Relief Fund.

People are warmed by her selfless act.

Chairman and managing director of Hero Motors also announced that he will be gifting her a bike.

Heavy flooding has caused the deaths of some 360 people in Kerala since June, and it is being reported as the worst natural disaster to strike the southern Indian state in decades.

More than 1million people have been displaced and are recovering in relief camps after 80 dams were overrun by torrential rains.

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