‘Kidz Bop Karen’ becomes viral meme following bizarre road rage incident

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Kidz Bop Karen is the latest viral video to make its way online, capturing a road rage incident reminiscent of The Purge.

Kidz Bop, a brand of compilation albums featuring children singing contemporary popular songs, began trending online, and internet users quickly discovered that it had to do with a woman who people have dubbed “Karen.”

Part of the incident was recorded by a woman called Chelsea Klein, which begins with the woman, dubbed “Karen” poking her head halfway through the window of the car that she had, what appeared to be, a minor traffic issue with.

The woman filming in the back appears to have been in a taxi of some time, while driver can be heard repeatedly apologising.

However “Karen” remains with her head stuck in the car. “It’s your fault,” she told the driver after he apologised.

“And you know what?” she continued on a roll:

That didn’t upset me. But the b**** a** h** told me to calm down.

What I’d like you to do is apologise instead of being a b****

Klein refused to apologise and said: “Sorry but you’re calling me a b****, let’s set an example."

The woman’s response has become a meme.

She said:

Oh sorry, I’m sorry. My kids can’t hear me calling you a b****.

They can’t hear me because they’re listening to Kidz Bop.

Others took it upon themselves to edit the video for their amusement

There are those who said the video shows the aftermath of a serious incident and people shouldn't laugh

Here is the entire video, below:

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