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Kim Kardashian has attracted criticism online after posting a picture of herself taken by her daughter North West.

The 37-year-old reality TV star is renowned for sharing risqué selfies on social media.

The model has been doing it for years and nobody really batted an eyelid, however, it was a different situation with her latest selfie posted on Thursday.

In the picture, Kim has her back to camera while she is removing a bra.

The picture came complete with the caption “[camera emoji] by North".

Some people have taken issue with the image, as they feel it is inappropriate for a four-year-old to be photographing her mother in this way.

Among the most vocal critics was (yes, you guessed it) Piers Morgan who labelled the photo “pathetic and creepy” on Twitter.

Others defended the star, with many saying it was a completely normal thing for a mother to get changed while her daughter is in the same room.

One of the most vocal defenders of Kim wrote on Instagram:

I love this, Kim don’t worry about the negative comments.

 She’s your daughter and this photo is totally natural.

 People can be annoying.

This incident comes just a few days after Kim shared a picture of herself with silver cornrows in her hair which led to people accusing her of cultural appropriation.

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