What goes into a KitKat has been revealed, and it's probably not what you expected

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KitKats. In many ways, they’re the perfect chocolate bar. Light, crunchy, chocolatey, wafery… but the Kit Kat has a deep, dark secret.

The insides of the Kit Kat have now been unveiled, and it’s probably not what you expected.

The filling in-between the Kit Kat's wafer is made up of… Damaged Kit Kats.

Any bars that finish factory line imperfect are thrown back to the start and used to line the wafer inside the bars. This means any imperfections, even a few visible bubbles on the chocolate’s surface.


Julie Walker, a Nestle factory worker told Greg Wallace on the BBC Two’s Inside the Factory:

They all go into rework, where they’re used for the fillings for the wafers.

We’re picking off ones which are not of a good standard.

So if you needed any excuse to break the New Year diet: Kit Kat’s are sustainable. Eating one will technically help save the planet. We think.

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