Kourtney Kardashian 'has strict invite-only to meet her newborn son'

Kourtney Kardashian 'has strict invite-only to meet her newborn son'
Kourtney Kardashian felt 'very nervous' before the birth of her baby boy
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Kourtney Kardashian and her husband Travis Barker reportedly welcomed their newborn baby boy to the world earlier this month.

Speaking on the One Life One Chance podcast, Barker seemingly confirmed his name as 'Rocky Thirteen Barker.'

When asked whether the supergroup Transplants would be reforming, he said: "There's a benefit for Hawaii that we were going to do, but it's the week that Rocky's due."

Now, a source reported that Kardashian is taking extra measures when it comes to people meeting her newborn.

The alleged source claimed to The US Sun: "Kourtney is going to be introducing the new baby to her family on an 'invite-only' basis.

"[Kourtney] and Travis have communicated that they will be taking 'family only' time for the newly blended family and for Kourt to rest, and then they will be inviting the extended family over on an individual basis."

The source continued: "So now everyone's talking about where Kim will be on the list.

"Obviously, Kris will be first - but who is going to get the second invite?

"Kourtney has said it's a germs thing - to protect the baby and not expose him to any risk - but it's, like, part of her new strategy to keep everyone at arm's length," they alleged.

It comes after the Blink-182 bandmember took to TikTok with a clip of himself playing the drums in the hospital, writing: "Practising to my baby’s heartbeat."

The viral clip, posted to the platform on Thursday 9 November, has since racked up almost 60,000 likes and hundreds more comments.


Practicing to my babies heartbeat 🥁

"This is giving Ken playing guitar at Barbie," one person joked, while another said: "That would've driven me up the wall. Kourtney has the patience of a saint. Congratulations!!!!!"

A third added: "Imagine being the patient next door."

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