If you thought that time when Tory MP Nadine Dorries incorrectly suggested that journalist Ash Sarkar was in fact Labour PPC Faiza Shaheen was a one-off thing, you thought wrong... because the same exact mistake has been made again.

But instead of it being Tory MP Nadine Dorries, it was Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark, who in a segment on the BBC Two show last night started quoting Sarkar, before realising that the words were actually Shaheen's.

Both women picked up on the Scottish presenter's slip of the tongue, taking to Twitter to express their confusion on how this possibly could be happening again.

Faiza Shaheen also expressed her grave concerns about the media's inability to differentiate the two.

While Ash Sarkar couldn't believe the error was made again, especially considering how different both of them actually look (she compares herself to a painting that looks like its been done with someone's "thumb").

Others also took to Twitter to condemn the mistake, repeating the fact that not all brown women look the same.

But it seems everything was resolved quickly, after both Sarkar and Shaheen wrote that they accepted the "genuine" and "king" apology made to them by the BBC presenter personally.

Earlier this month, MP Nadine Dorries was under fire for misidentifying the Novara Media editor in a video she tweeted. In a since-deleted tweet, the Conservative politician wrote:

C'mon people- is it really that hard?
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