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Nadine Dorries was criticised for a tweet in which she incorrectly suggested journalist and activist Ash Sarkar was in fact Labour PPC Faiza Shaheen.

Earlier today, Dorries tweeted a video of Novara Media editor Ash Sarkar, but misidentified her.

The compilation video began with Sarkar on the BBC talking about Venezuela. She said: “The idea that Corbynistas have been misty-eyed about Venezuela is largely a myth.”

Dorries responded to a tweet sharing Sarkar’s quote with the following:

I think the woman pedalling that lie may be a prospective candidate for Chingford. Let’s hope the residents see through that, for their sake.

The candidate for Chingford (who is not Ash Sarkar, but Faiza Shaheen) responded:

When Tories think all brown woman look the same.

Rupa Huq, Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton, wrote:

As someone who was called @ThangamMP by a female cabinet minister on Thursday is the conclusion @faizashaheen @AyoCaesar and me should draw from all this that we are all just interchangeable to them?

Boney M's "Brown Girl in the Ring" comes to mind

Sayeeda Warsi criticised Dorries.

And Owen Jones spotted it as well.

Ash Sarkar responded to Dorries - and said they'd actually met IRL.

She wrote:

Me and @faizashaheen are two different women, Nadine. You don’t see me out here mixing you up with any random white lady, so please pay me the same courtesy.

The funny thing is, @NadineDorries and I have actually met in person before (on BBC Politics Live iirc). Unless I'm getting her mixed up with Liz Truss or Hillary Clinton?

As of the writing of this article, Dorries' tweet remains up.

“I imagine @NadineDorries is just going to leave up the tweet in which she mixes up two Asian women who happen to be in politics (perhaps taking a swipe at 'fake news' or PC culture),” Sarkar wrote.

But she could also just say sorry. We're all grown women here. No need to everyday be a derkhead.

This isn’t the first time the Tory MP’s comments drew criticism. In April 2013 she tweeted:

Apparently I'm racist because I think Chuck Umunna looks like Chris Eubank ?What would I be if I said he looked like someone who was white??

indy100 has contacted Nadine Dorries for comment.

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