Labour MP repeatedly accuses Green Party co-leader of mansplaining and confuses everybody

Labour MP repeatedly accuses Green Party co-leader of mansplaining and confuses everybody

As election campaigning kicks off, the political stage is heating up and Labour politician Catherine West accused Green party co-leader Jonathan Bartley of “mansplaining” – much to people’s confusion.

The pair appeared on Sky News yesterday where they discussed Labour’s green vision, with Catherine arguing that leader Jeremy Corbyn was green “before the greens existed” because he rode a bike and had an allotment.

She said: “I think Jonathan is quite correct to have the vision.”

But in terms of implementing a green vision it is not business as usual.

If you are describing Jeremy Corbyn as business as usual then you haven’t been reading the newspapers or watching the television.

He was green before the greens existed. He rode a bike. He’s got an allotment. He will do both. He will bring social justice and a green revolution.

So have the vision on the greens but vote labour if you really want it to happen.

In response Green’s co-leader Jonathan Bartley disagreed with her characterisation of the Green party, interjecting with:

It’s got to be more than allotments. Let’s look at the facts, in 2017 –

At this point the Green party co-leader was interrupted by West accusing him of mansplaining.

John could you stop mansplaining, this is the first day of the election and Adam has asked me to respond and if you continue to mansplain then I’ll have to complain.

Jonathan responded:

Please don’t resort to sexism when we’re trying to have a conversation –

Again he was interrupted:

-Well could you stop mansplaining I’ve asked you three times.

Now can I just continue on that point Adam. I was so rudely interrupted by my colleague.

Mansplaining is a term used to describe when a man comments on or explains something to a woman in a condescending, and often inaccurate or oversimplified manner.

Many people online - women in particular - argued that it was not mansplaining

Others pointed out that Bartley interrupted West

Still, that isn't mansplaining

West "prorogued the conversation"

But people are calling even that into question - as she appeared to have finished talking when Bartley began

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