Tenants smeared poo on the walls of a flat they were renting and completely trashed it, a landlord has claimed.

Speaking to Staffordshire Live, Ian Twigg said it cost him thousands to clean his home because it was left in such a state and that he even had to use mops to get the excrement off the wall.

He said: “When we first got in our first thought was there was something dead in there as we were hit with a cloud of flies so we were looking for a dead pet.

“It made me feel sick; physically sick. There’s no structural damage but it’s had to be completely cleared out. The carpets are gone - it’s hard to describe how bad it was. We were using mops on the walls to get the poo off.

“We’re going to have to redecorate. It’s so unjust as we’ve been very good landlords.

One of the bedrooms took 60 bin bags to empty and the rooms were also filled with dirty nappies and used sanitary towels, he said. The tenants had lived in the house for two years but for the last six months but, according to Twigg, had not paid rent.

What a nightmare.

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