Laurence Fox ‘hurt’ because the NHS won’t text him back

Laurence Fox ‘hurt’ because the NHS won’t text him back

Controversial former actor Laurence Fox has said he feels “hurt” because the automated NHS alert reminding people to receive booster jabs didn’t reply to him.

From Boxing Day, the government’s Get Boosted Now texts have been sent to phones nationwide, encouraging people to get a booster jab.

The alert is being sent to millions to get people protected against serious illness from Covid 19.

Among the millions who received the alert was outspoken critic of Covid lockdowns and apparent vaccine sceptic, Fox.

On Twitter, Fox posted a screenshot of his NHS booster text with three subsequent messages he’d written back captioning it: “Why won’t you respond to my cry for help, Mr booster man???”

In his first text to the automated number, Fox wrote: “Are you trying to tell me a healthy 18 year old needs the jab in exactly the same way as a vulnerable 80 year old?”

Obviously, the message went unanswered as it’s a service that doesn’t support replies. Despite his phone saying “not delivered” in red letters, as well as showing a red exclamation mark, Fox persevered.

Fox continued, writing in two further messages: “You never respond. I’m feeling really hurt.

“That’s it. I want a break. I think we need to start seeing other people.”

Unfortunately, Fox’s latest antics have been called out for what they are – “attention seeking”.

One person wrote: “comedy died this evening.”

Another said: “I guess this is what people do for fun at Christmas when their family doesn’t want to see them.”

Someone else commented: “I see your knowledge of automated SMS systems is on par with your knowledge of modern medicine.”


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