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Ever since the EU referendum, the divide between certain sections of the country has become more and more bitter and more than a few things have been said that are probably regretted now.

However, those spats were mostly between individuals who spoke out of term and then apologised. Yet few things have prompted as much outrage and criticism as a tweet that Leave EU posted on Saturday.

The campaign group which was founded by Arron Banks and worked in association with Nigel Farage in the EU referendum tweeted about Frank Field, an ex-Labour MP who is standing as an independent after being ousted from the party over Brexit and antisemitism disputes.

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Field who supports leaving the EU has now formed the Birkenhead Social Justice Party and will stand against Labour in the next general election which Leave EU applauded him for and shared a video of him debating with Stella Creasy on the BBC's Sunday Politics show

However, their support of Field is not the cause of the controversy. Instead, they chose to brand those that forced him out of Labour as 'remainer vermin,' a line which shares some characteristics with Donald Trump's attack on Rep. Elijah Cummings.

The tweet has since ignited fury from people, who feel that no matter someone's political leanings that they should never be referred to as 'vermin.'

Indy100 has contacted Leave EU for comment.

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