Teenager was accidentally invited to a stranger's family event - but she went anyway and this is what happened

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Silver-lining moments exist on the internet all the time.

This is one of those times.

When 19-year-old Leena Ali got a text message from an unknown number asking for ‘Quentin’, she decided to play along.

"Yea who’s this?" She responded to the message.

At first, she thought the message had been from one of her friends, as she "never saves people’s numbers".

However it wasn’t from a friend – it was from 43-year-old Dawn Burke. The aesthetician, from Niagara Falls, was looking for her nephew Quentin and she wanted to tell him when and where ‘Debbie’s celebration of life’ would be held.

At this point, Ali came clean and told her who she was, but, undeterred by the fact that she was messaging a stranger, Ali asked if she could come along anyway. "Yes," Burke said.

Ali told BuzzFeed:

I let my close friends know that I was going to a random lady’s event, but since they already know my personality and how outgoing I am, they weren't really shocked that I actually went.

And then, she did just that.

I started asking around for Auntie Dawn, and when I first saw her I could tell that she was confused. But when I showed her the fruit bowl, she realized I was the girl from the texts and started laughing.

She shared the entire text message exchange, along with a cute photograph, on Twitter.

The day was to celebrate the life of Deborah B Celar, who had died on 16 September.

Burke said that when she saw a girl holding a fruit bowl, she, along with her family, were “very excited” when they saw Ali:

It completed the story. Things happen for a reason and [it] brings a rainbow to cloudy day.

My Aunt Deb would have done the same thing. She had a way to find the good in things and enjoy a good joke.

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