Lib Dem left speechless after failing to explain why their candidate didn't show up to a by-election count

Lib Dem left speechless after failing to explain why their candidate didn't show up to a by-election count

This Week, the late night BBC politics chat show hosted by Andrew Neil, is going off the air in a couple of months and we're only just starting to realise what we've been missing.

In recent weeks, the show seems to have been trying to outdo itself with the amount of cringe it can get away with. This includes dad-dancing and some truly awful rapping.

On the most recent episode of the show, Neil interviewed a member of the Liberal Democrats who was at the count for the by-election in Newport West on Thursday night, which was won by Labour.

Bizarrely, the actual candidate Ryan Jones wasn't even at the count because of a 'long-standing commitment', which Neil couldn't quite get his head around.

The 69-year-old Scotsman asked them why he wasn't there.

I understand your candidate isn't even at the count. What's the candidate doing?

One of the Lib Dems attempted to answer the question.

Our candidate has a long stand commitment which he's got to honour this evening unfortunately but he's won a strong a vigorous campaign.

He's a local candidate who has been very well received on the doorstep for the last three-and-a-half weeks.

A baffled Neil then brought up what time of day the count was taking place.

He's got a 'long-standing commitment' at ten past one in the morning? 

What kind of 'long-standing commitment' is that? 

Doesn't he have a 'long-standing commitment' to the people of Newport West, who he wants to represent? 

The man then tried his best to make the situation look a bit better.

He's a well respected local businessman and a very popular local candidate for our party.

He's been running a strong and vigorous campaign and we're optimistic that we'll be making some progress tonight.

Neil interjected and highlighted what the candidate's job was:

He's in the construction industry but he's not building anything at ten past one. 

He's not sticking up a house at ten past one is he? 

The exasperated Liberal Democrat representative had run out of words at this point and just shrugged his shoulders instead, which Neil decided to take as a 'no'.

A clip of the extremely awkward moment has since gone viral and people can't help but find it hilarious.

If you were wondering who the woman on the left is, it's Plaid Cymru politician and Welsh assembly member Delyth Jewell.

Still, while it's all fun and games to laugh along with Neil, let's not forget that he suggested that no 'establishment institutions backed Brexit' and he once called a journalist 'a mad cat woman'.

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