This woman is giving geography lessons for 'racist idiots'

YouTube / IISuperwomanII

A YouTuber has a lesson for "racist idiots," in a video that's racked up more than four million views.

Lilly Singh's lesson in geography is for certain people who comment under her videos.

She gives an example of one viewer who told Singh to “Go back to ur country, you terrorist paki Afghan Indian muslim slut”.

In her video, “A geography class for racist people”, Singh first points out that, to go back to her home country, she’d need to fly 45 minutes to Canada.

She adds:

But I’m assuming you thought my country was somewhere else, so let’s fly across the world to the country of ‘paki Afghan India'.

India is here, Singh says, across the ocean:

Picture:Picture: YouTube / IISuperwomanII

She adds:

We're going to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, around Africa.

You may recognise some of these countries we're flying over as places immigrants come from to steal your jobs Or, just the same countries you steal oil from. 

She adds that, although there are around 175 million Muslims in India, there are around two billion worldwide.

So if every Muslim was a terrorist, you wouldn't stand a God damn chance. Good thing they're not.

See the full video here, because it's hilarious:

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