How the world’s cartoonists reacted to London Bridge and Borough Market attack

Brian Adock/The Independent

For many, this is becoming a sad routine, and for cartoonists its becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between attacks in their creations.

Yet, some comfort can be found in the common thread that runs through all of them: defiance, and resilience.

Evening Standard - Christian Adams

Patrick Blower's cartoon for the Daily Telegraph drew on the iconic Shard, lit up for peace.

The Daily Telegraph - Patrick Blower

Similarly, the cartoon by Brian Adcock for the Independent also included the Shard, and went for a more robust use of two fingers.

The Independent - Brian Adcock


Morten Moorland

The Children's Laureate Chris Riddell shared this cartoon on his Instagram.

Chris Riddell

And other tributes came from cartoonists around the world.

Omaha World-Herald - Jeffrey Koterba

Herald Sun - Mark Knight

The Australian - Jon Kudelka

There were some exceptions to these images of defiance. Some sought to criticise the government ahead of Thursday's general election.

The Guardian - Martin Rowson

And there were also cartoons which criticised the response of President of the United States Donald Trump.

Financial Review - David Lowe

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