Not all heroes wear capes and not all heroes use narwhal tusks to try and stop terrorist attacks but that's exactly what happened on Friday at London Bridge.

It has been reported that a Polish chef by the name of Luckasz, was one of the individuals who helped fend off a knife-wielding attacker by using a tusk that he had allegedly grabbed from the nearby Fishmonger's Hall.

Praise for the man and his brave and unconventional actions has been universal with even Piers Morgan lending his voice, claiming that this story should be used as an example against calls that 'too many Eastern Europeans' are now in the UK.

You might find Morgan's take on this story curious, as, after all, he tends to be a man who seemingly gets riled up about everything going, including Greta Thunberg, feminism and non-binary people.

Morgan's views and relationship with migrants is hard to pin down as he sometimes seems in favour of it...

Yet, on other occasions had seemed to argue against it.

Regardless of what he has said in the past on the subject, it's good to see Morgan praising the Polish man for his valiant attempt to save others.

At the time of writing 'Polish' was the number one trend on Twitter, which has lead to some being called out for hailing the act as something truly 'British.'

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