Brexit: Lord Buckethead will contest Nigel Farage's seat in the European MEP Elections

Brexit: Lord Buckethead will contest Nigel Farage's seat in the European MEP Elections

Cast your mind back to the 2017 general election and you may recall the sight of a strange figure clad completely in black standing on the same stage as Theresa May as the results for the prime minister's constituency for Maidenhead were read out.

That person was the now infamous independent politician Lord Buckethead, a self-described 'intergalactic space lord' who had previously ran against former Tory leaders including Margaret Thatcher and John Major.

We haven't seen much of Buckethead since then but he is preparing to step back into the political foray by running against Nigel Farage in the upcoming European elections.

He has apparently been convinced to dip his toe into European politics after being asked by a supporter named Trisitan Palmer, if he was willing to stand against the Brexit Party leader on May 23.

Although Buckethead agreed, the only catch was that they would have to raise at least £5000 in order to cover the deposit that needs to be paid by April 25.

Now, thanks to a GoFundMe campaign and a handy tweet from Mr Buckethead, the target has easily been surpassed, with more than £14,000 being raised in 24 hours, with any funds left over from the campaign set to be donated to Extinction Rebellion.

Farage, who is the MEP for South East England may or may not be worried about taking on Buckethead as he has held the seat since 1999 but he hasn't fared too well in general elections.

On five separate occasions, he has failed to win an election and has previously lost votes to a candidate dressed as a dolphin, so he may be a little concerned.

Judging by the influx of money for Buckethead's campaign, it would suggest that he will have a lot of supporters, however not everyone thought it was an entirely good idea or the best way to deal with Brexit.

Others think that it isn't a completely terrible idea.

In a follow-up tweet, Buckethead did concede that he vows to defeat Farage but doesn't want to take too many votes away from Remain MEPs so it will be interesting to see how this one will play out.

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