Man arrested as school meeting on transgender plans descends into chaos

<p>Parents furiously protested at the school’s progressive new policies</p>

Parents furiously protested at the school’s progressive new policies

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A routine meeting at a US school descended into chaos after plans were put forward plans to make the place more inclusive.

The Loudon County Public Schools board was forced to cut short the consultation with parents after it set out proposals for new policies around LGBTQ+ students and lessons on racism.

The new plans included letting transgender students use their chosen names and pronouns, and allowing them access to bathrooms which align with their gender identity.

“Staff or students who intentionally and persistently refuse to respect a student’s gender identity by using the wrong name and gender pronoun are in violation of this policy,” the proposals read, according to NBC News.

“All school mental health professionals shall complete training on topics relating to LGBTQ+ students, including procedures for preventing and responding to bullying, harassment and discrimination based on gender identity/expression.”

But parents and community members were left outraged by the suggestions, with more than 300 people crowding the board room to object to them, Loudon Now reports.

During the heated meeting, parents could be heard yelling expletives, while brandishing signs reading: “We the parents stand up,” “There are two genders: male and female,” and “Education not indoctrination.”

Critical race theory was not on the agenda, though critics also accused the school of pushing race theory during the meeting, protesting the possibility.

At the start of the meeting, chairwoman Brenda Sheridan repeatedly warned the unruly crowd not to chant, but was forced to continually call for breaks in the proceedings due to their refusal to quieten down.

Noting the disruption, one board member requested to end public comment, a motion the board unanimously approved.

The board then requested the crowd to leave, to which they responded by shouting, “shame on you.”

According to the Washington Post, “several attendees refused” to leave and at least two members of the crowd were apprehended by police.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kraig Troxell said one man was issued a summons for trespassing, while a second man “displayed aggressive behavior towards another attendee.”

He then became disorderly with a deputy, resulting in him being charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

“I’m deeply concerned about the rise in hateful messages and violent threats aimed at progressive members of the school board,” the school’s chairwoman told theWashington Post.

“Opponents of the school board who are pushing false stories about ‘critical race theory’ have severely hurt our ability to do the jobs we were elected to do.”

“These politically motivated antics ought to end,” she continued, in regards to the raucous board meeting. “But if they don’t, know that they won’t delay our work.”

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