Piers Morgan makes no secret of the fact that he’s not a fan of Love Island, often calling the contestants "dumb" and "dim".

The Good Morning Britain host takes any opportunity to lambaste the cast and the show, and when former contestant Hayley Hughes appeared on his show, he wasn't prepared to pull any punches.

He asked her if she knew "Pythagoras’ theorem to the nearest five decimal places".

No, Hughes immediately said. She didn’t.

Susanna Reid, Piers’ co-host, appeared to be sick of the jokes, and threw the question back: did he know?

But of course! He answered with 3.147.

Not only was that not five decimal places, it was also the wrong answer.

It wasn’t Pythagoras’ theorem he’d attempted, it was the mathematical constant Pi.

And even that was wrong. Pi to five decimal places is 3.14159.


He later defended his mistake via twitter:

But the damage was done.

Oh dear.




(ITV screengrab )


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