Shocking video shows man in Islamophobic rant at Muslim girls in New Jersey

Shocking video shows man in Islamophobic rant at Muslim girls in New Jersey

A man has been captured delivering a shocking Islamophobic and racist rant aimed at five teenage Muslim girls in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Fatima Khan began recording the incident on her phone, and has since posted the video on her Twitter page, where it has nearly had 4,000 views.

Khan told that she and her four friends - Ibtissam Jaouad, Aniza Nasir, Dolma Tsering, and Yahaira Osorio -- were approached by the man on Seventh Street in Downtown Jersey City and he began yelling

Nasir was wearing a hijab at the time of the tirade, and the girls think that could be what prompted the attack.

In the video, the man can be heard beginning his Islamophobic rant:

I'm allowed to speak to people on the streets. 

Your sh**** people should go...

Fatima then objects that they are American citizens, and that they were born in the United States. She says:

What do you mean your sh**** people? 

She was born here, first of all, and I came here and I am an American citizen. 

The man then continues on his abusive tirade, before the video cuts out.

You are traitors to the country. 

I'll explain to you very simply. In America you're allowed...

In your sh**** country... 

Khan said that the man then called them 'evil' and 'witches', according to the Daily Mail.

One Twitter user responded to the tweet, saying that the man involved in the incident, who has not been formally identified had mental health issues, and was also homeless.

The girls said they were surprised to experience such a hate-filled tirade in their hometown Jersey City, but acknowledged that it is a prevalent occurrence throughout the western world.

I don't usually go through all that around here, especially since it's so diverse.

Downtown councilman James Solomon told that the video was 'disgusting'. He continued:

There is no place for this in Jersey City or America.

The rant follows hot on the heels of a number of other high profile racist incidents to occur in America.

Last month, a lawyer went viral after he was captured delivering a hate-filled racist rant at two women in a restaurant in Manhattan because they were speaking to one another in Spanish.

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