What would you do if an armed robber pulled out a gun, fired warning shots, and demanded your property?

According to police advice, you should relinquish your items and leg it.

However, when an armed robber fired three warning shots and approached Jared Kluting from Ottawa County, Michigan, demanding his Louis Vuitton bag, he was having none of it.

Kluting decided to fight back.

Speaking to a local news channel Wood TV, he explained what happened:

In one motion he took the gun out of his waist belt and with the other hand put up a bandanna over his mouth and pointed, was like, ‘Give me your bag.'

He continued:

I was like, ‘You’re not getting my Louis Vuitton.' I worked very hard for this and this bag I’ve had forever and it means a lot to me. I wasn’t about ready to relinquish it to some thug that was going to demand it from me.

For Kluting, the bag had special meaning, and he says it was worth fighting for.

I paid $1,700 for it or thereabouts. … I love Louis Vuitton and I saw this bag long before I could buy it and I saved up my money to buy it. It means a lot to me. It represents me. I wasn’t about to relinquish my personal property.

Speaking to a news reporter, he finished:

I've got my bag. You can pry it out of my cold dead hands.

Shortly after the incident, authorities pulled over the 21-year-old suspect and arrested him. He had stolen a car and the handgun used in the attempted theft.

One Twitter user was quick to make a quip about the incident, and the tweet has since gone viral:

Others likened it to that scene in Clueless:

While others just expressed their admiration for Kluting, who says he has no regrets:

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