Man tries to rob a hot dog stand and ends up shooting himself in the worst place

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A man who tried to rob a hot dog stand accidentally shot himself in the leg and penis as he tried to escape.


19-year-old Terrion Pouncy was hospitalised with two gun shot wounds after allegedly robbing the hot dog restaurant in the early hours of the morning.

The robber wore a dark hooded sweatshirt and a dark scarf hiding his face, according to an arrest report cited by the Chicago Tribune.

The report said the suspect entered the restaurant, snatched one worker's wallet and :

brandished a firearm and demanded money from the cash register

Workers at the restaurant understandably handed over the cash, they told officers.

As the robber then ran, he pulled a gun from his pocket - and it went off, shooting him in the groin.

Eventually the suspect was forced to himself up to the police and informed them he had been shot.

HT Chicago Tribune

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