The US state department issues travel warnings to American tourists.

Some countries such as Mexico, Mali, and Israel (as well as Gaza and the West Bank) receive multiple warnings, suggesting they’re the most dangerous.

Moreover, comparisons of the number of deaths of Americans similarly put Mexico near the top of the scary places list.

According to Patrick Allan at Life Hacker, between 2009 and 2016, 598 American tourists were killed in Mexico in either homicides, executions, and terrorist attacks. Pakistan had only eight such deaths.

However, the warnings as examined by Dataworld reveal that this measure is misleading.

For instance, although 598 American tourists were killed, they constituted 0.84 deaths per 100,000 visitors. 71 million Americans who visited Mexico in that same time period.

Pakistan’s eight deaths were 3.54 per 100,000.

Similarly Thailand and the Philippines have higher rates of death than Mexico, at 3.2 per 100,000.

Warning schmarning

Dataworld also found that the rate of tourists visiting a country after a warning was issued hardly changed.

The effect of warning only appeared to make a dent in visitor numbers after six months.

HT Life Hacker

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