Annie Mole/Flickr World Metro Map by Mark Ovenden - From my London Underground Tube Diary - Taken from the Penguin book "Transit Maps of the World" by Mark Ovenden

Tech company Hyperloop haven taken the next step in the development of a vacuum sealed train.

The transit system Hyperloop One has selected 35 teams as finalists, in with a chance of designing the system that hopes to shorten the travel time between San Francisco and Los Angeles to 35 minutes, for the distance of 347 miles.

Josh Giegel, president of engineering at Hyperloop One told Inverse:

It’s more than just a train, or a pod in a tube…We’re taking it to a level of connectivity and really being the high-speed backbone of the future transportation network.

At present Hyperloop One hopes to construct the winning design of the transit system to three regions.

Once cities within these regions are connected, the possibility of building links between the regions mean a world metro system is also one step closer.

Inverse suggested it could resemble something akin to this image created by cartographer and historian Mark Ovenden.

It was the cover art for his book "Transit Maps of the World" and has become a popular emblem of future transport creating a more globally connected world.

As with the original metro system map, by Harry Beck for the London Underground, which this world map apes, the distances between stops are unevenly recorded.

For instance Mexico City and Porto are 5000 miles apart, and just one stop on Ovenden’s map, whereas Berlin and Dublin (819 miles apart) would require 9 stops.

Still, zipping to London for breakfast, lunch in New York, and Tokyo for dinner is quite the fantasy.

HT Inverse

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