Cannabis activists are giving free joints to vaccinated individuals in Manhattan for 4/20

Marijuana activists are offering incentive to those providing proof of vaccination
Marijuana activists are offering incentive to those providing proof of vaccination
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In an effort to get more people vaccinated, some people have got creative and are offering some incentives.

We’ve seen everything from free donuts to free beers, but nothing quite as eye-catching as free weed.

From 11am until 4.20pm on Tuesday, marijuana activists in New York were handing out free joints to people aged 21 and over in honor of “4/20.”

Organized by AIDS Coalition Act Up NYC, the “Joints For Jabs” event was held near the south side of the Manhattan park, near the George Washington statue.

Anyone providing proof of vaccination was eligible for a free joint.

If that’s not incentive to get vaccinated, we don’t know what is.

Well, that - along with preventing the spread of the lethal Covid-19 virus, which has claimed the lives of 564,292 Americans.

“The marijuana community supports the science behind the Covid vaccine and what better way to encourage cannabis users to get vaccinated than to give out free pot,” said activist Dana Beal in a statement.

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Early in April, Gov Andrew Cuomo signed a bill legalizing recreational marijuana possession and use by those 21 and older in the state of New York.

“This is a historic day,” Cuomo wrote on Twitter in regards to the bill. Cuomo also acknowledged that the bill “creates automatic expungement of previous marijuana convictions that would now be legal.”

In addition to free cannabis, other companies are offering freebies to anyone with their vaccine card. In March, beloved doughnut company Krispy Kreme announced they would offer free doughnuts for an entire year to those who provide proof of their vaccination.

Other companies participating include Staples, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs and Sam Adams, who offered $7 in cash to the first 10,000 individuals who posted evidence of their vaccination.

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