Mark Francois roasted for using a Trump quote during rant about Brexit

Mark Francois roasted for using a Trump quote during rant about Brexit

Another day, another Mark Francois misstep.

During a BBC News interview, The Brexiteer launched into a Trump-lite rant about Brexit and parliament, which ended in what he probably thought was spitting bars but really wasn’t, by saying the country needed to “drain the swamp.”

When you boil this down, the public out there in the real world are absolutely sick and tired of this. I get that in my email inbox, I get that when I speak to people in my constituencies and I am by no means unique.

They want this done. We’ve spent three years arguing about this. We need to finish it and leave the European Union and if parliament won’t agree to that because federalist MPs would die in a ditch to stop us leaving, then we need a general election to drain the swamp.

Drain...the swamp?

The term 'drain the swamp' was first used since the 1980s by American politicians and experienced a renaissance recently after Donald Trump picked it up to describe how he intended to 'fix' issues in the federal government.

Needless to say people online are “sick and tired” of Mark Francois.

The speech was dissected.

Some of the criticism was more savage than others.

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