World's worst McDonald's to take drastic action after over 1,000 police calls

World's worst McDonald's to take drastic action after over 1,000 police calls
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A McDonald’s restaurant will be closing down after 38 years due to the “ongoing criminal activity and social disorder” that frequently occurs at the fast-food location.

Located in Ottawa, Canada, this McDonald’s restaurant has been branded the “world’s worst McDonald’s” due to constant disturbances.

From sexual acts taking place in the bathrooms to drug deals and fights between customers, the “world’s worst McDonald’s” has seen some things.

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It first gained notoriety in 2013 after a video was posted showing a man pulling a baby raccoon out of his sweater during a fight.

Part of the restaurant’s chaotic energy is due to its location in the heart of the tourist district where many bars and restaurants are located. People will often flock to the late-night fast-food chain for a bite after drinking.

In 2022, police were called to the fast-food chain location over 150 times.

And that number is down from 800 in 2018, according to CTV News.

Although both Ottawa and the McDonald’s have tried to help lessen the amount of activity at the restaurant, it has not seemed to work.

In 2019, the former Ottawa Police Chief sent a letter to the President and CEO of McDonald’s Canada with concerns about the Rideau Street restaurant. The fast-food chain decided to change the hours of operation from 24 hours a day to 6am - 10pm.

Beyond the chaotic energy, the McDonald's location also faced revenue challenges, particularly after changing their hours.

"The city tore up Rideau Street and put the subway in. Then they re-tore it to enhance it, put curbing in," Peter Crosthwaite, asset manager at 60 Geroge Street told CTV News.

"The freedom rallies and we had COVID; all these things are upheavals that can’t make it easy for a steady, reliable operation," he added.

The restaurant with close in April and its space will be available for lease starting in July.

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