Meghan and Harry have banned from using their titles – so people are making up their own

What’s in a name? That which we call Sussex Royal by any other name would be as lucrative.

At least Harry and Meghan are hoping, following the latest news regarding their exit from the royal family.

The people are now claiming they’re being ‘BANNED’ (read: some legislation that has nothing to do with the Queen prevents people from using royal branding for big monetary gains or something) from using ‘Sussex Royal’ as a trademark in future endeavours.

Which makes sense, given they’re not royals anymore – or at least won’t be, from the 31 March which has been announced as the official date of ‘Megxit’.

Althought they’re reliquinshing their titles, Harry and Meghan will still be using ‘HRH’, for clout. But Harry’s military honours will be suspended and they won’t retain an office at Buckingham Palace (the strangest WeWork in the world).

Meghan and Harry trademarked ‘Sussex Royal’ last year when they launched their website and Instagram page, which has now appeared to be a waste of £170 (if you’re paying HMRC as a royal… do you just hand the cash straight to your grandma instead?).

They had apparently planned to attach it to their new business ventures, which includes a charitable foundation but if the reports are true, that won’t be happening.

Luckily, the internet’s come through, as per, with some very helpful suggestions about how the couple can rise, Phoenix-like, from the ashes of Sussex Royal with branding that a former Apprentice winner would be proud to bear.

There was the one that sounded suspiciously familiar…

The helpful patent warning about who might already be using one moniker configuration.

And the clever clogs who suggested the addition of a simple letter as a workaround.

Personally, we’re pushing for Harry to take Meghan’s name and for the pair to become ‘The Markles’.

This is a) because it sounds like a 1970s sitcom and that’s funny and b) so every newspaper in the country can lose their minds.

That’s all!

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