Rwenshaun Miller

In 2006, Rwenshaun Miller was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, leading him to be hospitalised, and to withdraw from university.

Miller embarked on a long road to recovery and learned to understand his triggers - and now dedicates his life into breaking down stigma attached to mental health disorders.

Eventually, he returned to university and became a therapist, a public speaker, a writer and a staunch mental health advocate. Miller started a not-for-profit organisation called Eustress, and his initiatives, ‘Let’s Talk About It’, ’Why You Stressing’ and his weekly national conference call ‘Locker Room Talk’ is raising awareness about mental health among the black and minority community in the US. He strives to create a safe space where people, particularly black men, can talk about their mental health.

His dedication to the community didn't go unnoticed, and he received a national APAF Award for Advancing Minority Mental Health.

Now he is pursuing a PhD in International Psychology - and spoke to indy100 about male mental health, toxic masculinity and the important work he does for his community in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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