Michael Cohen's ironic tweet about going to prison has aged terribly

Jack Webb@JackWebb92
Wednesday 22 August 2018 08:45

Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, has been convicted of financial crimes and, ironically, his own tweet about prison is coming back to haunt him.

The big news coming out of the US yesterday was that Cohen was expected to enter a plea deal with the federal government.

If this wasn't enough, Cohen also implicated Trump over campaign finance violations.

Not long after this, the internet did what it does best; it found a tweet from 2015 that certainly hasn't aged well.

In the tweet, Cohen taunted then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton:

The tweet reads: "When you go to prison for defrauding America and perjury, your room and board will be free!"

Suffice it to say, people on Twitter are relishing in the heavy dose of irony and taunted Cohen right back.

Cohen pleaded guilty to financial crimes, plus a finance violation in regards to the 2016 election, reports The Washington Post.

On the same day, president Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty of eight of 18 counts of bank and tax fraud by a jury in Alexandria, Virginia.

What happened to draining the swamp?

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