Michael Flynn is founding member of a site for unvaccinated blood and sperm donations

Michael Flynn is founding member of a site for unvaccinated blood and sperm donations

Michael Flynn in a promotional video for 4thePURE


QAnon favourite and former US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is the new face of 4thePURE, an online community for Covid-19 unvaccinated people. Encouraging its members to find everything from love, to sperm donors, to business providers.

On its website, 4thePURE boasts a range of services it offers for those unvaccinated, including a dating platform, blood, sperm, and egg donor banks, a business directory, and more. 4thePURE states it's providing a 'safe' place for people to date, meet, and share their ideas. As well as providing a range of services, 4thePURE also shares news and information specifically news it considers 'trustworthy.'

Flynn is described as a founding member of 4thePURE across the site and other promotional materials. In a video from the site, Flynn tells viewers that 4thePURE is a site that wants to connect individuals 'who courageously stood against the Covid-19 jab campaign.'

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4thePURE's site features quotes from individuals in health professions. These individuals include Dr Charles Hoffe, a Canadian doctor who was suspended from the emergency ward and subject to hearing by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC after spreading "misleading, incorrect or inflammatory about vaccinations, treatments, and public measures relating to Covid-19."

They also claim that previous CDC director Rochelle Wolensky expressed concern about the potential danger and ineffectiveness of the vaccines, a claim made by other anti-vax organisations which has be debunked by fact-checkers in the past.

Currently 'founding member' memberships are being offered before the full site launches this June. An individual lifetime membership costs $2500, or corporations can purchase 15 lifetime memberships for $25k. With monthly memberships starting from $19.95 per month going all the way up to $99.95.

Patriot Takes, a Twitter account dedicated to "exposing right-wing extremism" shared a leaflet from 4thePURE, sparking comical replies from others about the absurdity:

Whilst some commented the site had a ring of eugenics to it:

4thePURE state on their site has an 'endgame of supporting one another, preserving the gene pool and growing a community of the free.'

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