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A drug user has been allowed to walk free from court after the judge deemed he should have to suffer no stronger consequences than Michael Gove did for the same offence.

The unnamed defendant was found guilty of class A possession, which carries a prison sentence of seven years, at an Inner London Crown Court earlier this week. However, he was allowed to walk free on a 12 month conditional discharge.

Judge Owen Davies QC is quoted as saying:

He should suffer no more for dabbling in cocaine than should a former Lord Chancellor.

Speaking to TheTelegraph, a source close toDavies revealed that he didn't say that exact remark during the sentencing but actually with the defence during the legal argument.

The source added:

I think the judge was trying to make a joke rather than a political point.

Barrister Tim Kiely, who was representing the defendant in court, also confirmed that he had heard this quote. In a tweet, he added: 'Who says humour and justice don't mix?'

Earlier this month, Michael Gove, the current environment secretary and former lord chancellor and justice secretary, admitted that he had taken cocaine when he was working as a young journalist, saying that it was a 'mistake' and something that he wished he 'hadn't done'.

Gove, who is currently in the running to become the next Tory leader, believed that this admission shouldn't disqualify him from the race, with other contenders such as Jeremy Hunt and Rory Stewart also admitted to taking drugs in previous years.

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