Michael Gove can’t seem to help but draw Game of Thrones into Game of Brexit.

Gove used a line from Game of Thrones to warn of the "consequences" if MPs didn’t vote for Theresa Mays’s latest Brexit deal.

The Brexiteer told BBC Radio 4’sToday programme: "In the words of Jon Snow, 'Winter is coming.'"

Donald Trump has also used the famous phrase to sell Iran sanctions and the infamous southern border wall to the world.

Sigh. Game of Thrones is popular with tyrants.

Gove went on to say that no Brexit would be worse than a no-deal:

I don’t know whether or not we’ll win [tonight’s vote]. I’m not an astrologer.

If people do not vote for the government this evening we face either a no-deal Brexit, or worse, no Brexit at all.

I think if we don’t vote for the deal tonight we will do damage to our democracy by saying to people we are not going to implement a Brexit, and the opportunity that all of us have to live up to our democratic obligations is clear.

Seasoned Game of Thrones fans will know that "winter is coming" is a phrase popularised by Jon Snow, which refers to both the cold and the arrival of an army of the frozen undead.

The environment secretary added the government will respect the outcome of the vote, set for later today, but that parliament should respect the outcome of the 2016 referendum.

"We have an opportunity tonight to deliver on that vote."

The British people have placed a responsibility on us - are we going to live up to that responsibility and vote to leave the European Union or are we going to disappoint them and damage our democracy by not voting to leave the EU?

Just... stop with the Game of Thrones referenecs, OK? Don't ruin a good thing.

You can follow Theresa May's Brexit deal vote on The Independent live blog, here.

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